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Son of Tarzan

Mashona is an indigenous breed from Africa that originated with the Shona people in Zimbabwe.   The breed was developed under natural selection without any external inputs for thousands of years in an extremely harsh and unforgiving environment.   Mashona cattle have extremely low maintenance requirements.   They are very fertile and easy fleshing.   They are highly mobile grazers that have the ability to browse.   They have early carcass maturity and finish well on grass.   Mashona excel in hot and/or humid environments with low-quality forages.   They work well on endophyte-infected fescue.   They have a very high resistance to parasites and disease.   Best of all, Mashona is a Bos Taurus breed.   They are much smaller and much more fertile than Bos Indicus (Brahman) cattle.   Pharo Cattle Company is using the Mashona breed to create a Heat-Tolerant Composite that has more fertility and efficiency than the Brahman crosses.   Bred to Angus and Red Angus females, Tarzan has produced some outstanding heat-tolerant sons and daughters.   He is co-owned with Weston Walker from Missouri and Steven Lukefahr from south Texas.

Description: 100% Mashona; Dark Red/Horned

B Wt.: N/A      205-Day Wt.: N/A      365-Day Wt.: N/A

Tarzan (MH)

Straw Price $18/straw

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