Red Angus

Crandall is a 5-Star Gold son who goes back to Johnny B Good on the bottom side of his pedigree.   When he was evaluated he was given 5+ ratings for muscling, masculinity and overall rating.   We don’t know of a bull in the Red Angus breed that has a better hair coat.   He will work great in hot, humid environments.   Crandall’s birth weight EPD is in the top 20% of the Red Angus breed.   Crandall is co-owned with Woody Thames from Agape Cattle Company in Texas.


Birth Weight 53 Pounds
Registration 3523190
Straw Price $18/straw
Breed Registry Red Angus Registry

Our Genetic Predictions

Calving Ease
Fleshing Ability


B Wt W Wt Y Wt
-2.9 +42 +69
Milk Frame Mt Wt
+24 4.0 (est) N/A