Sunday Morning Inspiration

September 7, 2008



More on Being Meek –



Blessed are the meek,

for they will inherit the earth.

Matthew 5:5


Meekness is something most of us have trouble with – especially those of the male gender.   Part of it is a society and/or cultural issue.   Meekness is not something that has ever been taught in western civilizations.   But… I think there is another reason men have so much trouble with being meek.   We simply are not wired that way.   Men, throughout history, have had to be somewhat aggressive and/or assertive to survive.   Extremely passive men do not make very good providers, protectors or leaders.


Since God did the wiring, I thought it would be good to take another look at this beatitude.   If we look at the word “meek” from a little different perspective, I think this beatitude will make more sense – at least to those of us who belong to the male gender.


A couple of email subscribers led me to a fascinating word study of the Greek word for “meek”.   The word is “praus” (prah-oos΄).   The word “praus” was borrowed from the military and relates to horse training.   Allow me share a quote from this word study.   “The Greek army would find the wildest horses in the mountains and bring them to be broken in.   After months of training they sorted the horses into categories: some were discarded, some broken and made useful for bearing burdens, some were useful for ordinary duty and the fewest of all graduated as war horses.   When a horse passed the conditioning required for a war horse, its state was described as ‘praus,’ [that is, meek].   The war horse had ‘power under authority,’ ‘strength under control.’   A war horse never ceased to be determined, strong and passionate.   However, it learned to bring its nature under discipline.   It gave up being wild, unruly, out of control and rebellious.   A war horse learned to bring that nature under control.   It would now respond to the slightest touch of the rider, stand in the face of cannon fire, thunder into battle and stop at a whisper.   It was now ‘meek’.”


In Jesus’ time, a meek person was one who was obedient to the will of God, courteous, patient and slow to anger.   Most importantly, a meek person had self-control.   Two people in the Bible are described as “meek” – Moses and Jesus.   Both were forceful and determined men.   Both were obedient to God’s commands.   Neither would have been described as a pushover.


I know several men who aptly fit this description and understanding of meekness.   They have put aside their old rebellious way of life to come under the control of God.   Their strength, power and authority are now under the perfect control of God.   These are strong men who know how to be aggressive and assertive when necessary.   They are men of God!



To God be the Glory